SAN acceleration with WANrockIT

Bridgeworks WANrockIT provides organisations the ability to optimise their WAN throughput with leading edge, automated AI technology from Bridgeworks.

The WANrockIT portfolio of products provides:

  • Up to 200X Data Acceleration speeds – WANrockIT allows you to realise upto 98% of your available bandwidth
  • Mitigate Latency – regardless of distance and size or type of data, WANrockIT can mitigate latency performance issues
  • Automated AI Technology – patented and Gartner recognised next generation technology providing dramatic data acceleration
  • Secure Model – WANrockIT does not touch your data, maintaining all your security protocols
  • Simple Model – no installation costs, no on-going maintenance
  • Dramatic ROI – low investment for significant ROI

By transporting SAN block level protocols across WAN with leading edge patented technology so 90% of the potential WAN capacity can be realised. IP based data and protocols technology can accelerate data up to 100X without touching or manipulating the data enabling rich media formats and encrypted data to be accelerated without loss in performance.


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*Fibre Channel, iSCSI, SCSI and SAS

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