Storage acceleration with Bridgeworks

Bridgeworks are the world’s experts in the field of storage protocol technologies with their patented and Gartner recognised technologies.

The datacentre is no longer the sole custodian of the corporate data, organisations are now expected to move ever increasing amounts of data around the world to other data centres and customers alike, however, as we try to move data over ever increasing distances the effects of latency effects the throughput of the WAN and business performance and ROI affected.


Storage Acceleration

The Storage Acceleration portfolio of products provides:

  • Accelerate Data Transfer up to 180X – regardless of size, encryption or data type
  • Cut Storage Costs – cross-site Replication, Remote Archiving, Data Migration, Remote Office, Backup as a Service Provider
  • Secure Data – Bridgeworks uses AI technology that does not touch your data, maintaining all your security protocols
  • Risk-Free Model – no rip and replace, no address changes, no installation costs, no on-going maintenance
  • Migates Latency & Packet Loss – with Bridgeworks patented AI and Automation technology
  • Visibility – transparent across server and client

By transporting SAN block level protocols across WAN with leading edge patented technology so 90% of the potential WAN capacity can be realised. IP based data and protocols technology can accelerate data up to 100X without touching or manipulating the data enabling rich media formats and encrypted data to be accelerated without loss in performance.

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Storage Acceleration Portfolio Bridgeworks

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Storage Acceleration Portfolio Bridgeworks

Bridgeworks GPSJ Cover Story | Summer 2020

Bridgeworks CEO, David Trossell features on the cover of GPSJ (Government Public Sector Journal) this summer to speak about how UK technology is accelerating data to discover a cure for COVID-19.   August 18, 2020   Public sector...

Storage Acceleration Portfolio Bridgeworks

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Bridgeworks features in African Decisions Magazine to discuss the technology and solutions solving latency issues across global markets. June 1, 2020   Online gamers know what it feels like. You’re playing a fast-paced, fast-clicking game such as Fortnite, and...


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Cut the costs of Cloud with Bridgeworks WANrockIT for Cloud

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