Storage Acceleration

Accelerate your storage strategies.

The value of data to businesses has never been higher. The challenge of ever-growing volumes of data and how to capture, analyse and employ to and from multiple off-site backup locations at speed is critical

With the capability to accelerate data transfer up to 200x faster and provide 50x data recovery, Bridgeworks industry leading and award winning solutions can accelerate your storage strategies, reducing data back-up windows and time to access and utilise data.

Risk to Data

The value of your businesses data should be priority, if an organisation plan, and test their data strategies regularly, they will be more prepared to prevent and minimise a disaster’s impact on the business. Protecting and storing data, as well as restoring it when necessary, is business critical.

Maximise the Potential

Moving data at speed whether to increase back up timeframes or to accelerate the capture and analysis of data is critical to business success. Bridgeworks are revolutionising the network and with their patented technology which can improved throughput and performance by allowing utilisation up to 98% of the pipe – delivering exceptional speed to access and back-up data.

Simple, Secure Model

Fixed Costs
Maintenance Free
10min Install
Scalability 100MB to 40GB

Common Pain Points

How does Bridgeworks help with my storage strategy?
Bridgeworks patented AI-enabled acceleration techniques can accelerate data up to 180x re regardless of size, encryption or data type. Bridgeworks can help optimise storage strategies like back-up, replication, data migration, remote office back-up using their Gartner recognised technologies that bridge and optimise storage protocols without any rip and replace or configuration of current infrastructure.
We have made an investment in data analytics – would Bridgeworks help ROI?
As we try to move Big Data over ever increasing distances, your organisation will be suffering the effects of latency on the throughput of the WAN and business performance suffers and the ROI of your project is reduced. By transporting SAN block level protocols across WAN with leading edge patented technology so 90% of the potential WAN capacity can be realised. IP based data and protocols technology can accelerate data up to 180X without touching or manipulating the data enabling all types of data whether rich media formats or encrypted data can be accelerated and business performance optimised.
Are you still using ‘man in a van’ for example ‘Iron Mountain’, and off-siting tapes when you have the locations and infrastructure?
Tape and back-up are still one of the biggest pain points for organisations and with GDPR looming having better manageability of data is critical and Bridgeworks can help. Data visibility, back-up and restore speeds are paramount and with Bridgeworks Gartner recognised technologies your organisation can move data up to 180x re regardless of size, encryption or data type dramatically reducing back-up speeds and enabling your organisation to move ever increasing amounts of data around the world to other data centres optimising storage strategies and cutting costs.
We are investing more and more in fibre to help with ever increasing storage demands but still having issues!
Is the value of the investment in fibre being questioned? How about increasing the pipe utilisation x3 or more? Bridgeworks patented technology mitigates Latency and minimises Packet Loss by 200X through innovative AI driven technology providing dramatic ROI especially against the costs of fibre.

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