Data Acceleration

Data volumes are increasing, content is getting richer, and traditional WAN Optimisation methods are struggling to keep up.

Bridgeworks next generation technology accelerates data transfer speeds up to 200x faster than traditional WAN Optimisation technologies
The constraint is no longer the size of the pipe, after all, 1Gb, 10Gb and multiple 10Gb pipes are becoming the norm. The challenge now is making sure you are utilising the full extent of the bandwidth available and capitalising on the capability it brings.

Max Utilisation

Bridgeworks can deliver 98% of your organisations achievable bandwidth regardless of distance and size of data. Bridgeworks can achieve these dramatic results through revolutionary patented AI technology that optimises and self-configures to produce acceleration speeds not seen before.

Mitigate Latency

The effects of latency and packet loss are dramatically reduced with Bridgeworks technology, allowing organisations to realise the full utilisation of their bandwidth and all data is equal. Move open, encrypted, encoded, de-duplicated and/or compressed data at near to wire speed

Simple, Secure Model

Fixed Costs
Maintenance Free
10min Install
Scalability 100MB to 40GB

Common Pain Points

We are throwing money at fibre – what can be done?
Is the value of the investment in fibre being questioned? How about increasing the pipe utilisation x3 or more? Bridgeworks patented technology mitigates Latency and minimises Packet Loss by 200X through innovative AI driven technology providing dramatic ROI especially against the costs of fibre.
How do I get more throughput?
Bridgeworks innovative AI driven technologies enable the movement of huge volumes of data between datacentres, allowing your organisation to move encrypted, encoded, de-duplicated and/or compressed data at wire speeds. Including data transfers to the cloud. ROI cases show pipe utilisation can be improved up to 98% with a Bridgeworks solution.
Latency is still an issue! How can this be addressed?
Traditional WAN optimisation aren’t good enough for today’s increasing Data Demands, Bridgeworks patented technology mitigates Latency and minimises Packet Loss by 200X through innovative AI driven technology. Bridgeworks dramatic reduction in Latency allows organisations to utilise up to 98% of pipe bandwidth which in many cases doubles or triples organisation previous bandwidth throughput.
What about improving workflow?
Are you waiting hours or longer for your data transfers over the WAN? Distributing content and ensuring workflow is not being effected is critical, traditional WAN methods aren’t good enough for today’s data demands. Bridgeworks have re-engineered the problem and their award-winning technology allows organisations to utilise up to 98% of pipe bandwidth – ROI that doubles or triples previous pipe utilisation.
How is Bridgeworks different?
AI underpins the patented technology to provide process intelligence that orchestrates the network to reduce latency and mitigate packet loss. All this performance is gained without touching any of an organisations data so maintain security protocols. Gartner recognises the advancements in technology and awarded Bridgeworks’ the coveted Gartner ‘Cool Vendor of the Year’ 2016/17.

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