Application Acceleration

Boost application performance for your existing technologies.

Bridgeworks WAN acceleration technologies have made dramatic differences to key vendor applications including NetApp, Veeam, VERITAS and Commvault
Bridgeworks PORTrockIT solutions accelerates performance for technologies like NetApp, Veritas, Datacore and Veeam with an average of 10x performance improvement for encrypted data, packet loss, congestion and acceleration. Bridgeworks WAN solutions help move data more rapidly across the worlds WAN’s. Being able to move data rapidly across the world’s WAN’s is critical, often we don’t have access to the underlying protocol, nevertheless tremendous acceleration is still achieved. By creating perfect networks on either side of the WAN, Bridgeworks technologies takes care of the data movement managing congestion and packet loss for optimum application performance and throughput.

Simple, Secure Model

Fixed Costs
Maintenance Free
10min Install
Scalability 100MB to 40GB

Common Pain Points

I have NetApp, what benefits will Bridgeworks bring me?
Bridgeworks patented technology can accelerate NetApp SnapMirror/SnapVault between 2x and 10x and is totally transparent, there is no need to upgrade, replace or provide any NetApp configuration changes. Bridgeworks and NetApp have worked in partnership in testing Bridgeworks technology in accelerating multiple Datacentre workloads and infrastructure.
We are expanding our Commvault in line with GDPR, can Bridgeworks help further?
With regulations changing it is paramount that organisations have leading edge data protection like Commvault. Bridgeworks optimises Commvault’s back up performance without needed to upgrade network infrastructure or storage capacity. Bridgeworks minimises the effects of latency and packet loss allowing you to optimise performance of Commvault and deliver outstanding ROI.
How can Bridgeworks help our Veeam environment?
Bridgeworks can help accelerates Veeam up to 7 times over any distance with performance unaffected by compressed, video, deduped or encrypted data. Bridgeworks technologies are transparent to Veeam proxies and backup servers and with less than 30 minutes to install and no changes to your Veeam configurations. Bridgeworks and Veeam have worked in partnership to deliver a joint proposition with low implementation costs and massive acceleration of Veeam across your organisation.
VERITAS is business critical, what benefits could Bridgeworks add?
In independent industry tests Bridgeworks technologies can accelerate NetBackup up to 170 times over any distance using patented AI and automation technologies that have been tried and tested in partnership with Veritas. Bridgeworks patented technologies enhance throughput and bandwidth optimisation without configuration changes and that deliver significant ROI.

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