Go Beyond Optimisation with WAN Acceleration

Dec 01, 2021

Limited Time Free Proof of Concept (POC) Offer

Riverbed Customers: Go Beyond Optimisation with WAN Acceleration

It’s true, networks are mission-critical to business success, but it’s not just the network that has to be dependable. Digital companies need a reliable partner too, and one with unique technology that can optimise bandwidth utilisation and accelerate Wide Area Networks (WANs) by truly mitigating latency and packet loss. 

WAN Acceleration goes beyond Network Performance Monitoring. Thanks to artificial intelligence, machine learning and data parallelisation, data flows are securely automated – achieving throughput results that WAN Optimisation can’t achieve. SD-WANs can outperform themselves with a WAN Acceleration overlay too. Reliability is the backbone of Bridgeworks WAN Acceleration – providing award-winning technologies and first-class support.

Here are 5 top reasons to explore Bridgeworks’ limited time, free Proof of Concept (POC):

  1. Accelerate data transfers: WAN Acceleration is re-defining Wide Area Networks by enabling organisations to reach secure transfer speeds up to 200x faster.
  2. Eliminate data management challenges: WAN Acceleration technologies eliminate data management challenges by the effects of mitigating latency and packet loss.
  3. Improve bandwidth utilisation: Bridgeworks’ solutions, such as PORTrockIT, dramatically improve secure data throughput up to 98% of bandwidth – regardless of distance.
  4. Increase traffic throughput: “The implementation of Bridgeworks’ solutions at Investec Private Bank, has realised a 424% increase in total traffic sent across the WAN, which provides an almost instantaneous Return on Investment” – Francois Steyl, a former Solutions Architect at StratIT and now a Sales Specialist at Datacentrix.
  5. Accelerate data replication: A South African Insurance company needed to speed up its data replication and to reduce latency between its 3 data centres. Data transfers were around 25 times faster after POC deployment. With Bridgeworks PORTrockIT, a 220GB data file was replicated in just 25 minutes – over 4 times faster than without WAN Acceleration.

Discover how Bridgeworks patented AI technologies accelerate your existing technologies and how they can dramatically accelerate your WAN – see for your yourself using our online speed calculator.

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Watch our short video and discover how Bridgeworks patented technology delivers data accelerated solutions to access up to 98% of the WAN!

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