World’s first 100Gb iSCSI to SAS Bridge

Bridgeworks delivering world first innovation for data acceleration.

Today your data can go faster than you ever thought you needed. Bridgeworks range of iSCSI products enhance your server, storage and networking capabilities.
Bridgeworks offers another world first, 100Gb iSCSI to SAS Bridges for faster data transfers. This continues our tradition of innovation – including the launch in October 2014 of a 40Gb iSCSi to SAS Bridge.

Our customers demand more, and so Bridgeworks offers them more and more power with the offer 100Gb iSCSI to SAS Bridges. Extend your return on investment and accelerate your data with the Potomac ESAS10023200 with 2x 100Gb iSCSI ports and 32xSAS ports, which are ready for shipping.

Bridgeworks will announce further 100Gb iSCSI products in the next quarter.

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World's First 100GB iSCSI to SAS Bridge Bridgeworks

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World's First 100GB iSCSI to SAS Bridge Bridgeworks

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World's First 100GB iSCSI to SAS Bridge Bridgeworks

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World's First 100GB iSCSI to SAS Bridge Bridgeworks

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