WAN Optimization and not as you know it

Data is the new currency. Being able to quickly move that currency to where it needs to be has a huge impact on the value you can extract from the data you generate.

Bridgeworks solutions are unique, designed to increase efficiency and ROI, irrespective of data volume or distance.

It is time to look at technology that works smarter for your business.

Our technology uses machine intelligence, which means it thinks differently about the problem… quite literally. Simply put, this ensures that the ever increasing data deluge no longer needs to impact on data strategies that include Big Data, Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud, IT Services Continuity, Digital Business Transformation, IoT or even ensuring your business as usual plan doesn’t fail at crunch time. What’s more, we apply a turbo boost that works around the issue of delay (Latency) to deliver up to 50x better performance and a 94% increase in efficiency. How? Bridgeworks solutions ensure our customers receive 95 to 98% utilization of the pipe they are already paying for, meaning that with a simple fix, we help you increase the ROI of your infrastructure. We liberate and accelerate your data, allowing you to use it however, whenever, or wherever you need.