Using AI to make smarter IT Infrastructure – CloudTech talks to Bridgeworks

Sep 23, 2016

There is a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the moment, with many people speculating the different areas of business that could stand to benefit from the fast-emerging technology.

A recent CloudTech article – entitled ‘Anything you can do, AI can do better: Making smarter IT Infrastructure’ – discusses the topic with regards to what AI can do to help provide smarter infrastructure.  This is a subject we are familiar with here at Bridgeworks as both our PORTrockIT and WANrockIT products are built with machine intelligence technology – a form of AI.

With regards to our specialist subject – data transfers across the WAN network – the article highlights how AI technology should be applied to network infrastructure to help optimise the performance of what is, by it’s nature, an unstable entity.  Thus providing a smarter IT infrastructure, mitigated latency and reduced packet loss.

CloudTech journalist – Graham Jarvis – comments in the article:

With AI, the goal of maximising the performance removes the need for constant human intervention – leading to the potential benefits of reducing any human error, better network management, improved disaster recovery, reduced packet loss and increased accuracy.

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