UK Tech Firm Bridgeworks Showcases AI WAN Acceleration at British Embassy

Nov 15, 2023

UK Tech Firm Bridgeworks Showcases AI WAN Acceleration at British Embassy Bridgeworks
November 15, 2023


The British Embassy in Washington DC recently hosted a Thought Leadership event and reception and invited a select number of British companies to showcase artificial intelligence (AI) and zero trust architecture (ZTA) solutions and is featured in GPSJ (Government Public Sector Journal UK).

The welcoming speech was delivered by Jamie Eykyn, Chairman of Bridgeworks, a British-based technology firm. This was the second time Eykyn gave a presentation at a British Embassy. The first time was in Paris, France, 50 years ago. He presented a new electronic ticket machine, which was designed for operation on trams and buses. He also founded Shuttle Technology Ltd that was sold SCM Microsystems in 1999. Following the sale, he concentrated on building a portfolio of transformational technology companies. It included award-winning company, Bridgeworks.

In his speech in Washington, he said: “The world of technology has advanced immeasurably in the 50 years since I was involved developing digital ticketing systems. From point solutions to specific problems, to integrated management systems. Nowadays, there’s also the deployment of advanced AI and cloud-based high-speed communications and compute, and the ability to co-ordinate a multitude of activities from a bewildering number of data collection points in virtual real-time across, for example, a battlefield.”

Exclusive embassy invitation

Bridgeworks, based in Lymington, Hampshire, UK, was invited last month to present their award-winning A.I. technologies to U.S. government and industry leaders to highlight the best in British technology. 

A key aim was to spotlight the support of the U.K. Government’s Department of Defence and Security Exports, (Department for International Trade), and share insights as an Export Champion.

British Ambassador to the United States, Dame Karen Pierce was present to facilitate valuable engagement with the U.S. Federal agencies and U.K. technology partners.

David Trossell, CEO and CTO of Bridgeworks, explains: “We invited our customers, OEM Partners, such as Dell Technology and IBM, Spectra Logic and our North American Resellers and System Integrators to share their successes implementing our systems.”

Trossell explains: “We were able to present solutions and deliverables and translate those to future business benefits for end users. “ 

Eykyn commends Trossell: “I am not a technical man, but I have always been interested in new technology. With Bridgeworks our WAN and data acceleration products, our CEO and CTO David Trossell, brought all his extensive skills in the storage world to bear, strongly supported by the IBM R&D Storage Establishment at Hursley, who confirmed the need for the AI and machine learning based products David developed and which we now know as PortRockIT and WANRockIT.” 

Click here to read on the GPSJ website.



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