How to support video with mitigated latency

There is an increasing proliferation of video content, but latency problems can dog many marketers and consumers.

How we produce, consume, and store information has changed dramatically over the past few years with the YouTube and Facebook generation growing up.

Bridgeworks CEO, David Trossell, has shared with Digitalisation World how employing more innovative solutions driven by machine intelligence can mitigate the effects of latency.

“With the increasing proliferation of video content, why should anyone by concerned about the volume of video that is being produced and latency? From a competitive advantage perspective, increasing volumes of video data means that there is more noise to contend with in order to get marketing messages across to one’s target audiences. So there is more pressure on internet and on content delivery services with increasing demand and higher quality play out, but on the whole many of these facilities have been sorted even with seamless stitching advertising services. If latency impinges on livestream services, too, then the viewer is likely to choose the network with the fastest stream.”

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