Reviewing a storage smorgasbord

May 23, 2017

When The Register decided to take a closer look at the data storage options on offer, Bridgeworks CEO, David Trossell, looked at the Data Expedition Inc (DEI) FAQ.

“If their claim is 900Mbps that’s on par with the guys about but that then becomes the limit as you have to manage all the transactions. In fact there is very little difference in the product to the two leaders in this market, Aspera and Signiant.

“Our technology… uses TCP but with the parallelisation we can overcome the traditional limitations of TCP. By using TCP instead of UDP we can make use of the offload engines in the Network cards. This give us a very low CPU and memory overhead compared to the UDP guys which in turn allows us to scale all the way up to 40,000Mbps (with higher bandwidths in the pipeline.)”

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Bridgeworks CEO features in this recent article from Forbes, about why data driven chatbots are seeking security in new technologies.

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