Maximising the potential of the Industrial Internet

Apr 21, 2017

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) are facing a key challenge, because the files they send to their colleagues and CAD partners across the globe are so large.

How can their IT teams mitigate the effects of latency in Wide Area Networks (WAN) to enable them to work uninterrupted by slow network connections?

David Trossell, Bridgeworks CEO, shares his thoughts with Digitalisation World:

“With the ubiquitous access to the internet it is now possible to gather data from every part of the world and bring it back to a central hub for analysis, and you can design an aircraft or a car in one country while manufacturing it in another.”

“Moving files around between various data silos can be inhibitive even over a LAN – the cost of 10Gb networks are dropping considerably, but with WANs the problem is about moving data over distance because of latency.”

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