ITProPortal talk about IoT and the challenges

Feb 01, 2017

With the estimation that there is likely to be 25 billion IoT devices by 2020, there is a question about how the massive volumes of data created by these devices will be moved, managed, analysed, secured and stored.

ITProPortal, asked Bridgeworks CEO, David Trossell to contribute his expertise and opinion on the challenges that will likely face the IoT market now and in the future, from a network and IT infrastructure perspective.

“One of the challenges when moving data over distances for remote IoT deployments is the network is a living, constantly changing, entity and having static options configured to improve performance means the performance of the data transfer over the network will always be a very heavy compromise. In the same manner where AI has transformed the analysis of data by constantly learning and adjusting its decisions making process the same can now be applied to transferring data across the network with the new breed of WAN accelerators.

With the need to move, back-up and restore data fast, new breed solutions such as PORTrockIT may be required to mitigate the effects of latency. “

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