ITProPortal discusses the importance of data security for retailers

Feb 01, 2017

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for retailers and with it comes huge opportunities that are delivered from the massive volumes of data that can be extracted from consumers and their transactions.

But what if retailers are not able to fully maximise the value of that data, due to IT infrastructure limitations that cripple their ability to move data fast enough, to allow for fast analysis and assimilation of the insight that can be gathered from this precious commodity.

In a recent article about this subject – How to secure Santa’s data sack – ITProPortal discuss the issues and challenges facing retailers that want to the best chance of capitalising on this booming time of the year.

Journalist Graham Jarvis, asked Bridgeworks CEO – David Trossell – for his expertise about how retailers can best manage moving data as quickly, securely and efficiently as possible:

“All this data is highly valuable and all the data from last year is just as valuable. It is also the time when everything is working its maximum. It is at such times as these that some of the day-to-day tasks are pushed into the background as everyone is trying to update the website, fighting fire etc.

It is exactly this time that disaster recovery and back up are key. If the worst does happen, you need the freshest data available for recovery. Moving this data off site securely and efficiently is paramount.”

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