IT PRO Portal Talks About Data Security

Jan 06, 2017

IT PRO Portal recently published a piece about the importance of data, data management and data security in relation to increasing sales around the festive period.

In it, the journalist explains…

In order to capture e-commerce and m-commerce customers, Eric Savitz discussed ‘Why Big Data Is all Retailers Want for Christmas’ in his 12th December 2016 article for Forbes magazine. Ahead of Black Friday he wrote: “As retailers settle in for…their biggest selling season of the year, the use of big data has become a critical force in growing sales [because] big data is helping retailers to stay in front of a new breed of consumer, the omni-channel consumer, and the avalanche of data they are generating.” So if they were to write to Santa for their own gift, retailers would only want big data for Christmas.

In the piece David Trossell also explains why big data is so valuable and, as a precious commodity, data security needs to be properly considered:

All this data is highly valuable and all the data from last year is just as valuable. It is also the time when everything is working its maximum. It is at such times as these that some of the day-to-day tasks are pushed into the background as everyone is trying to update the website, fighting fire etc. It is exactly this time that disaster recovery and back up are key. If the worst does happen, you need the freshest data available for recovery. Moving this data off site securely and efficiently is paramount.

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