Industrial Internet: Bridgeworks talks to Cloud Tech about maximising potential

Sep 16, 2016

David Trossell has been chatting to Cloud Tech about how businesses can maximise the potential of the Industrial Internet.

The article talks about how the internet and the cloud has become an enabler of remote design, manufacturing, construction and engineering teams.  Time is a crucial consideration for the projects that these teams work, which can include data reliant and time-sensitive Internet of Things projects.  The is that network latency is having a negative impact on the profitability of the projects, as the process of getting large volumes of data to where they need to be, has become painfully slow.

In the article David Trossell gives some top tips for consideration and talks about how new technology can help solves latency and packet loss issues.

He says:

“Cloud can handle the peaks in storage and computing demand, but organisations must be able to get it up and down quickly in order to benefit from the potential cost efficiencies and the infrastructure agility that it can offer.

With the ubiquitous access to the internet it is now possible to gather data from every part of the world and bring it back to a central hub for analysis, and you can design an aircraft or a car in one country while manufacturing it in another”, says David Trossell, CEO and CTO of data acceleration company, Bridgeworks. He points out that this means a huge amount of data is constantly being moved around and that all of the data is logged.”

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