Future-casting: Is the dark view of AI really justified?

Mar 19, 2017

It is without doubt that AI and its application can be a massive game changer to many aspects of life and business. IBM is targeting medical and DNA analysis with its Watson program, and AI is being increasingly used because of its ability to spot breast cancer.

ITProPortal, asked Bridgeworks CEO, David Trossell to contribute his expertise and opinion on the use of AI for data storage and movement of data.

“Traditionally we have used WAN Optimisation to manage and optimise the flow of traffic across the WAN. But with the changing format we know transmit such as rich multimedia, compressed, encrypted or deduped data, the traditional WAN Optimisation technique of deduplication can no longer cope and much of the traffic is passed straight through without being optimised. 

This is resulting in poor utilisation and reduced Return on Investment on the new high-speed WAN   capabilities.  Beyond this great possibilities will emerge from machine learning and AI that will benefit mankind in managing IT networks, health, optimising resources, and in many other areas. I therefore think that future of machine learning and AI brighter than the one presented by Musk.”

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