Digitalisation World covers PORTrockIT launch

Dec 04, 2015

Digitalisation World has announced our recent launch of our new data acceleration solution for Wide Area Networks (WAN) – PORTrockIT.

PORTrockIT is an intelligent data accelerator that uses innovative machine intelligence capabilities. It offers a solution to network issues that inhibit the speed in which data can be moved, such as latency, congestion and packet loss. Designed as a plug-in-and-go technology, PORTrockIT can be implemented quickly, with minimal impact on existing IT infrastructure – keeping deployment cost and risk to a minimum.

In the article our CCO, Claire Buchanan, said the following:

“Companies have historically tried to solve their TCP/IP performance problems by investing in more expensive network infrastructure that offers larger bandwidth.  Sadly for large volumes of data, such a solution fails to address the network latency issue, offering no improved performance.

“PORTrockIT was designed to inject velocity and fully utilise available bandwidth; so there is no need for any extra investment in infrastructure to accelerate third party products companies are already using.

For a fraction of the comparative cost of adding new infrastructure, the PORTrockIT technology practically eliminates the effects of latency by ensuring that the physical connection is constantly optimising the transfer of data from the sender to the recipient. This means that there is no longer any idle time, and for businesses, this ensures that the networks bandwidth is being fully utilised and paying for itself.”

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