We speak to ITProPortal about the impact of digital on manufacturing

Jun 30, 2017

ITProPortal speaks to Bridgeworks CEO, David Trossell, to take a closer look at how the digital revolution is re-defining the way organisations operate.



Digital is here to stay and it has already begun to affect manufacturing. In fact, a recent study by Fujitsu discovered that 90% of manufacturing professionals believe the sector are experiencing the impact and it’s only getting started.

“Fear of change is a common factor that has existed throughout history, so it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that any kind of disruption worries business leaders.”

– David Trossell, CEO Bridgeworks, LTD


“…This report asserts the digital agenda is being driven in the boardroom. Business leaders need to deal with aging infrastructure now before it’s a hindrance. New innovations in data centre management, file sharing, security, privacy means faster and cheaper solutions for ongoing network challenges that after 25 years, have yet to be overcome. Our product provides the upgrade and solution enterprise organisations need in order to compete.”

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