Defending the company data castle from the attack of ransomware

Apr 18, 2017

You protect your data castle as much as you can but eventually you have to let some data in and out, presenting an opportunity for ransomware attacks.

Luckily there is a backup plan. Bridgeworks CEO, David Trussell, tells the Data Center Journal just how organisations can protect themselves from ransomware, but also what can they do to recover in the event of a breach.

“An important weapon against ransomware is the creation of air gaps between data and any backups. A solid backup system is the chief way to defeat ransomware, and it has been proven many times over. With the ever increasing sophistication of ransomware and the use of online backup devices, however, those devices will soon be targets as well. It’s therefore important to have backup devices and media that have an air gap between themselves and the corporate storage network.

This strategy will become crucial. Lots of money is at stake on both sides if ransomware becomes backup aware. So it’s important to plan ahead, and it’s perhaps a good idea to make backups less visible to any ransomware that might be programmed to attack them.”

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