Data Velocity: ITProPortal discusses what faster data transfers means for business

Aug 30, 2016

Data velocity should be a key consideration for enterprises reliant on fast WAN data transfers to power their data strategies.

David Trossell was interviewed by ITProPortal about the subject of data velocity and the risks that slow transfer speeds place on businesses.   He recently told the publication that:

“Trying to send all this data down slow links is going to put you behind your competitors that have links 10x or 100x faster than you. However, just adding larger links isn’t always going to solve the problem. It’s like having large trucks but narrow roads. Wide Area Networks (WAN) and the cloud is full of these narrow roads killing off your network performance.”

The following article discusses the subject of data velocity and what that means for data analytics and business security.  It also covers the issue of latency and packet loss, alongside giving some best practice advice for enterprises to follow.


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data velocity



Bridgeworks CEO features in this recent article from Forbes, about why data driven chatbots are seeking security in new technologies.

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