The changing CIO agenda…

The CIO agenda is changing. CIOs are responsible for ensuring that infrastructure doesn’t fail during crucial business functions put in place to ensure business continuity.  What if platforms fail because of data transfer speeds and delay during backup, Disaster Recovery (DR), Data Migration or replication?

Gartner says “As digitalization moves from an innovative trend to a core competency, enterprises need to understand and exploit platform effects throughout all aspects of their businesses.”

Cloud Computing Intelligence recently said the following about the issue:

“The C-Suite as a whole should also prioritise data security and data recovery to ensure that they can retrieve data quickly whenever either a human-created disaster or a natural one threatens the ability of the organisation to continue to operate. The outcomes of failing to understand the current CIO agenda and what else should be on it can lead to lost time and lost revenue.”

Enterprises’ exposure to this risk can be mitigated by ensuring that their current infrastructure is performing efficiently and at speed.  The fact is, not getting data to where it needs to be as fast as possible puts businesses at risk and at a major competitive disadvantage.

Sadly most IT infrastructures in the financial services sector are examples of ‘sticking a bandaid’ over the problem of delay (latency) when approaching the challenge of transferring large volumes of data from place to place.

The industry’s dirty little secret is that despite legally binding responsibilities around risk and compliance, many are still knowingly taking a gamble with monthly backups, DR strategies, data storage and business replication.  Not because they are deliberately negligent, but because traditional solutions on the market are struggling to deal with the ever-increasing volumes of business critical data CIOs are expected to manage and secure.

The good news is that emerging solutions have been developed that will help the CIO to better support changing enterprise big data requirements.  New technology is entering the market that will become the future for CIOs struggling with traditional methods of accelerating large volumes of data over a inhibited WAN network.

One such example is one of Gartner’s latest ‘Cool Vendors’.   Bridgeworks – has been recognised for the impact its PORTrockIT technology will have on transferring data at speed, delivering up to 200x fast data transfer speeds across the WAN.



Click here to read the full Cloud Computing Intelligence article about the changing CIO agenda and the solutions offered by new technology.

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