Cyber Attacks: What risk does the cyber-security skills gap pose?

May 23, 2017

Many firms are looking to enhance their software and systems during 2017 as they attempt to better face up to the rising tide of risk.

With cyber-security being a growing concern, one problem dogs those within the financial service industry that want to counter the attacks: a shortage of cyber-security skilled personnel.

David Trossell, Bridgeworks CEO shared his thoughts on the topic with Kurtosys.

“It’s not just occurring in the cyber-security world; it’s happening across all sectors in IT at the moment.” He adds that cyber-security is a one against many scenario. “It only takes one hacker to attack thousands of organisations, and each of them needs a full-time team of cyber-security experts to protect themselves”, he says. He claims that “anonymous money” via Bitcoin has created many opportunities and bigger rewards – “especially as we are seeing websites that are providing ready-made packages for hackers, creating Crime-as-a-Service.”


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