How cloud, IoT and mobile devices are driving demand for data centers

Jul 19, 2017

ComputerWeekly asked BridgeWorks CEO, David Trossell, to talk about data processed at the data centers edge, rather than the core will spell the end of a centralised cloud for IoT, mobile and devices.


July 19, 2017

How cloud, IoT and mobile devices are driving demand for edge data centers

Enterprise appetite for micro and edge computing is one of the top 10 trends affecting the industry, according to analyst house Gartner, with organisations increasingly looking to place datacentre resources closer to users and their devices.


“Organisations need to clearly define what they need, and be sure that edge computing is the most viable option for them over other options that are available on the market.”

– David Trossell, CEO Bridgeworks, LTD


With the demand for edge datacentres and computing resources steadily rising, we are now asking what’s driving the trend? And what does it mean for enterprise datacentre and infrastructure strategies?

While customers are often pushed to buy into the latest and greatest technology, what they really need is choice. Sometimes it just doesn’t solve the issue they wish to resolve, or meet their needs.


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