The Chartered Institute of Marketing talks to Bridgeworks CEO, David Trossell about how to support video and the challenges of latency

Nov 15, 2016

Marketers have an increasing array of tools to spread their messages, and attract and retain customers – and video is one of them.

David Trossell, CEO and CTO of Bridgeworks site the future of the internet is television because more and mroe peple are using streaming services for entertainment. Trossell adds: “Like many services, most of the video production work is done behind the scenes and that’s where there are pressures on data movement performance.

As a result, many marketing agencies are hampered with data movement difficulties – with the use of modern post-production facilities, many marketers are localising advertisements.”

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Bridgeworks CEO features in this recent article from Forbes, about why data driven chatbots are seeking security in new technologies.

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