Why CEOs and CFOs need to understand the CIO agenda for true data resilience

Apr 04, 2016

David Trossell, CEO of Bridgeworks, has been quoted in a piece on CloudTech regarding data resilience. The piece, by journalist Graham Jarvis, explores how businesses may suffer if they fail to understand the CIO agenda.

Typically, CIOs, CFOs, and CEOs have very different agendas and approaches when it comes to their aspect of a business. However, Graham Jarvis states that for true data resilience, CEOs and CFOs need to be aware, and interested, in what is happening in their company’s information and data systems.

David Trossell agrees that data resilience is “an integral part of the revenue generation process as much as sales and marketing is – with equal budgets…CIOs now have to drive change through the organisation, and so technology has to be part of the future strategy.”

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