Bringing remote users in from the cold – ITPro Portal publish Bridgeworks insight

Oct 13, 2016

Bridgeworks CEO – David Trossell – has had his insight published this month on the influential tech site, ITPro Portal in a piece entitled ‘Bringing remote users in from the cold’.

Technology has enabled a new business culture that facilitates many flexible way of working.  Remote users or virtual workers are becoming increasingly part of the fabric of enterprises, providing always-on, always connected options, no matter the location.

However, enterprises must to consider matters of IT security and network infrastructure to ensure that the business is protected and users are able to operate as efficiently as possible from wherever they are, without out adding unnecessary risk to the organisation.

It is this subject that David has expanded upon in his recent article on ITPro Portal.

“More than ever we are dealing with sensitive personnel and commercial data that must be encrypted before it hits the communication network, but now we have a compounded problem”, says Trossell.

That problem has arisen because organisations and their remote workforce are now asking data to travel much further than ever before. For example, a remote office could be situated anywhere in the world, even in China, and encrypted data is becoming ever larger.

“This process is going to be slow as these factors combined together defeat traditional WAN optimisation techniques, but data acceleration can be achieved with solutions such as PORTrockIT and WANrockIT.”

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