Bridgeworks technology featured in The Register for its NetApp solution

Jan 21, 2016


Bridgeworks product – PORTrockIT – has been featured in influential online IT publication, The Register.

Chris Mellor, Storage Editor for The Register examines the ability of Bridgeworks data migration service PORTrockIT to mitigate packet loss and latency when transferring large volumes of big data across WAN networks.

His recent article talks about how Bridgework’s ‘Transformational technology is set to change the world for NetApp users.

“Bridgeworks has found way to improve wide area TCP/IP transmission of large, streamed files that compensates for packet loss, radically improving the performance of NetApp SnapMirror and SnapVault which are hobbled by packet loss.”

He continues:

“This software comes into its own when a noisy network, one that causes packet loss, is being used. With even just 0.5 per cent pack loss with a large file transfer the cumulative effect is disastrous in terms of file transfer time. By effectively sub-dividing the large file into smaller ones sent in parallel across the same physical link, packet loss effects are limited in scope and overall file transfer time across the affected network increased dramatically.” 

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