After the flood: Why IT service continuity is your best insurance policy

Feb 05, 2016

Early 2016 will be remembered for the devastating floods and high winds that shattered the north of the UK. Once the flooding subsided, thousands of homes and businesses began the arduous process of repairing the damage. It quickly became apparent to those affected that the UK simply isn’t sufficiently prepared to handle these natural calamities.  Freelance business and tech journalist, Graham Jarvis, spoke to Claire Buchanan of Bridgeworks for a piece with Cloud computing community, CloudTech. She argues that backup data centres should be located some distance from the original data, negotiating the issues of WAN network latency in the process.

She says: “Governed by an enterprises Recovery Time Objective (RTO), there has been a requirement for organisations to place their DR centre within fairly close proximity due to the inability to move data fast enough over distance…Until recently, there hasn’t been the technology available that can addresses the effect of latency when transferring data over distance. The compromise has been how far away the can DR centre be without too much of a compromise on performance?”

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