Don’t Fedex your tapes: how Fibre Channel SAN can speed up data migration.

Feb 08, 2016


Chris Mellor, IT journalist for The Register, has been speaking to Bridgeworks about their product, WANrockIT.

To transfer data to a backup centre, many customers still rely on clunky methods such as physically posting their tapes. Bridgeworks’ product WANrockIT speeds up the process, making data migration quicker and easier.

WANrockIT reduces latency by overlaying virtual connections over an existing WAN network connection. It then splits the data into smaller ‘packets’, sending these packets out across parallel virtual connections. Any lost data is retransmitted across one virtual connection, so it doesn’t hold up the entire data transaction.

Bridgeworks says: “WANrockIT can accelerate data transfer rates by a factor of more than 200 – enabling even very large transfers to be completed within a realistic backup window.”

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