Bridgeworks in CCI: Why IT Service Continuity Is Your Best Insurance Policy

Feb 26, 2016


Graham Jarvis, freelance tech journalist, has featured Bridgeworks in a piece for specialist IT publication, Cloud Computing Intelligence.

Graham argues that while natural disasters are by nature unpredictable, businesses are not doing enough to prepare, and protect themselves from the worst.

To successfully prepare for a potentially disrupting event, businesses should be able to operate from another facility, and back up files, at a datacenter some distance away. Solutions are out there – and yet businesses seem to be wilfully ignoring them.

Claire Buchanan, Chief Commercial Office at Bridgeworks, says: “Most companies make do with what they have, and they aren’t looking and casting their net wide enough to look at technologies that can help them to do this”.

In Claire’s opinion, business continuity is a company’s best insurance policy and by using the right data migration technology, it is possible to locate datacentres in such a way as to avoid them being situated in the same circle of disruption. With the help of some clever WAN optimization, this distance between a datacentre and the business needn’t suffer from unnecessary latency

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