Bridgeworks CEO features in Texas News Today

Dec 07, 2020

Bridgeworks CEO, David Trossell is featured in Texas News Today for Bridgeworks recent UK IT Industry Awards Win for Infrastructure Innovation of the Year.

Bridgeworks CEO features in Texas News Today Bridgeworks
December 7, 2020

Most of the world’s largest organizations use wide area networks (WANs). These help speed up internal communications, increase security, and reduce costs. Bridgeworks, the winner of the Infrastructure Innovation of the Year at the UK IT Industry Awards 2020, is working on their further development.

There are several reasons why some companies do not use WANs. High setup costs can put them out of the reach of small businesses, and delays can affect the responsiveness of WAN-dependent services. Bridgeworks CEO and CTO David Trossell believes his company has managed to solve the latter problem.

“We are launching products that face the common wisdom that we prefer to talk about WAN optimization and SD-WAN as if it were the answer to reducing latency and packet loss.

“WAN optimization cannot send and receive encrypted data. SD-WAN is a great technology, but it is boosted with the addition of a WAN acceleration layer, with delays and delays while significantly maximizing bandwidth utilization. You can reduce packet loss. “

Trossell said, “We opposed many large-scale established entries,” when the Bridgeworks name was read aloud at the UK IT Awards virtual ceremony, with both “surprise and pride.” I did. He believes the included case study may have been the point at which the judge won:

“”[Our entry] Shows the risks and problems faced by large global organizations. We used our technology to turn it around for them. It feels great if we can do this for our customers. Solving problems can be very satisfying to implement our technology, especially if you are frequently considering all other solutions. “

In a post-event speech, Trosel said the victory was “very important” to Bridgeworks and hoped to lead to further conversations about changing the face of WAN technology.

“We all like to win awards, but being judged by independent peers and experts in your industry is a true measure of your product. Its support from our point of view is very high. Important to us and our clients, we can transform the industry. This will lead to increased WAN acceleration sales across the industry, with delays and packet loss. You can discuss how to mitigate. “

The company cannot rest peacefully after winning. We are already considering entering new fields this year and 2021.

“We are just beginning to hurt the surface with what we can do with WAN acceleration. As a board of directors, we have promised to invest 45% of our sales in research and development, which is involved in the apprenticeship system and STEM. We are exploring new areas such as launch control, observation satellites, satellite grid architecture, and we are also working with automakers involved in the development of autonomous vehicles and mobility solutions. “

We promise that 2021 will be an interesting year for both Bridgeworks and WAN technology.



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