Bridgeworks in B2B Marketing: How to get your big data ten times as fast

Apr 19, 2016

David Trossell, CEO and CTO of Bridgeworks, has written a piece for B2B Marketing: the number one resource for business to business marketers.  The piece offers advice on how businesses can achieve less network latency when transferring big data across a wide area network (WAN).

B2B Marketing has in the past stated that big data and the internet of things will boost the UK economy by £322 billion by 2020. Marketers should be using this data in their strategies to inform business intelligence. But of course, big data is only useful if you are able to retrieve it.

David says: “Rather than solely looking at it from an infrastructure perspective, marketers and their IT counterparts should work together to address what they wish to achieve from a data perspective. Data is the core currency today – not the infrastructure – so speed will be crucial component to marketers extracting maximum ROI from it.

Marketers must begin by defining the data requirements as this will determine the infrastructure. The fresher the data, the more valuable it is. After all marketing is about knowing your customer, and velocity is imperative when it comes to putting this insight to work for the benefit of your customer. The quicker we get large volumes of data for analysis, the better the decision.”

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