ITProPortal – How New Tech Will Help Businesses Solve Cloud Challenges

Aug 04, 2016

How will new tech help businesses solve cloud challenges?

As the world’s reliance on data has increased, the nature of data volumes has also changed in line with this. Gone are the days where the WAN was required to move simple databases and office files.

We are generating Terabyte-sized volumes of data made up of a myriad of files types, and networks have had to expand in to coping with the pressures of moving video, images, pre-compressed and encrypted files.  There is no shortage of stats to show that this requirement will only increase in the years to come.

The problem is that increased usage of this type of file is creating challenges across the board for IT infrastructure.  As an example, manoeuvring large and ever-growing volumes of video or encrypted data – that cannot be compressed – dramatically affects the performance of even the fastest of networks.   It will also severely restrict how fast data can flow between sites, into the Cloud or even out to remote users, causing businesses cloud issues.

Technologies that have historically done a great job of accelerating data – such as WAN Optimization – are redundant when faced with moving un-compressible data.  However, as the requirements have become tougher, it has opened up the market for a wave of tech innovation that is looking at the problem in different ways.

A recent ITProPortal article discusses the issue, stating:

In effect, by embracing new solutions, new business practices, and new processes, organisations of all types can address the challenges they face. They can also protect their businesses by investing in solutions that prevent human-made or natural disasters from damaging their customer relationships and reputations too.

With technology that can speed up data flows, they will gain the opportunity to analyse data in real-time to ensure they can gain the upper hand over their competitors and enable them to create corporate strategies that address the needs of their customers and markets.”

The full article discusses cloud challenges and solutions in more detail.

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