AI – Keeping Control

Jul 31, 2023

David Trossell, CEO and CTO of Bridgeworks says AI should continue to be embraced by enterprises and startups developing future technologies in this edition of Computing Security. Page 30


AI - Keeping Control Bridgeworks
July/August Edition



AI - Keeping Control Bridgeworks

Keeping Control

People are often suspicious of new technologies. Sci-Fi movies, such as The Terminator, play on this fear. Sure, cyber-criminals could use AI against us. Equally, we can use AI to protect ourselves; or to do more with fewer resources. Machine learning doesn’t mean that autonomous machines will eventually control us. We can use AI and ML to maintain control. For example, to ensure that data can travel unhindered and securely over a Wide Area Network. 

WAN Acceleration uses AI, ML and data parallelisation to mitigate latency and packet loss. It permits the secure transport and ingression of encrypted data. Organisations can increase their bandwidth utilisation, too. Without AI and ML, data would neither be as secure, nor as fast over large distances. Rather than making IT redundant, it enables CIOs to focus on strategic tasks. 

AI Inevitability

Given the benefits of AI and ML, the question is: Why are they trying to stop the inevitable? The beanie is out of the bottle. Rodney Brooks argues that you have to be aware that with any new technology, 50% of the answers are incorrect. Don’t confuse performance with competence. It’s a bit like the cloud. Everyone rushed to the cloud to avoid missing out, only to regret it. 

People should reflect, plan and re-evaluate AI and ML. The big VCs are piling in with money to get on the bandwagon. Yet, AI isn’t new.  So, we shouldn’t dismiss it. It has some great aspects – including WAN Acceleration. 

As for ethics, they’ve never prevented the making of a dollar. You can see this with Meta and Twitter. Generative AI ChatGPT is going to be the same – just another tool. You can worry about AI, but it’s not going to make any difference. Will it cause mass unemployment? Possibly, but change goes into cycles and becomes the norm. People adapt, so the interruption isn’t appropriate.  Embrace AI today. 





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