Information Age discusses how Bridgeworks solves network latency issues

Jun 28, 2017

Data volumes are increasing at a phenomenal rate. With big data comes one particular challenge that can put the spanner in the works: data and network latency, which can slow down your networks and render your big data analysis inaccurate and useless.


In his latest article in Information Age, Bridgeworks CEO, David Trossell discusses the extent that the analytics will increasingly have to be achieved with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“So being a true data leader also requires you to recognise when and where new technologies can help you to add value, and it necessitates understanding that without big data many organisations today wouldn’t be able to operate profitability.”

– David Trossell, CEO Bridgeworks, LTD


To be a true data leader requires the ability to recognise when you need data acceleration tools that use machine learning to mitigate the impact that latency has on networks and your ability to create a clearer and deeper analysis of whatever you need to analyse.

The end game is about creating value for your enterprise, for your customers and partners. With artificial intelligence and machine a deeper level of insight can be achieved, and this can help with the development of new products and services through the finding of new trends – as well as an overall improved ability to create a deeper level of customer and market insight.


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