Accelerated Thinking

Jan 13, 2024

Bridgeworks CEO and CTO, David Trossell features in the AI – Where Next? feature on Computing Security.

Accelerated Thinking Bridgeworks
Jan/Feb 2024

One potential benefit to society that AI offers, states David Trossell, CEO and CTO of Bridgeworks, is the use of AI and ML in WAN Acceleration. Why is that? “Well, with increasing reliance on digital technologies, latency and packet loss could have their own field day by slowing down Wide Area Networks, such as the internet. When WANs are slow, hackers can intercept data that is often unencrypted in flight. A slow WAN can also extend the time it takes to back up and restore sensitive data that is required to maintain an organisation’s service continuity.

WAN Optimisation doesn’t live up to its promise. Data is sent unencrypted and is then re-encrypted at either end down the pipe. WAN Optimisation often doesn’t live up to its data and network acceleration promise. AI is being used with SD-WANs and it’s a great technology, but it, too, needs a boost with WAN Acceleration to increase the speed of encrypted data transfers.

Organisations must consider how they protect their data, and how they can increase their bandwidth utilisation by mitigating the effects of latency and packet loss to improve their ability to maintain service continuity and to prevent cyberattacks. WAN Acceleration can be an effective tool in the armoury of the security industry, they need to deploy AI over WANs to stop cybercriminals in their tracks. It can ensure that regulatory compliance is achieved and maintained.” 


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