Cloud Tech News talks about mitigating latency and optimising performance

Aug 04, 2016

Everyone is striving for technology that allows the ability to ‘accelerate anywhere’ – To access any data type, from the cloud whenever it was required, and in as near real-time as possible.

It would revolutionise the ability to secure and backup data, and would dramatically improve archiving strategies.  Historically, network latency has been a massive obstacle to this becoming a reality.

Due to fast-changing requirements of IT infrastructure, IT departments have an essential role to play in sourcing new technologies that help businesses move towards a world where the Cloud can become a viable option.

For businesses looking to increase profitability, this would increase capability that, in turn, translates favourably to the ‘bottom-line’.

This Cloud Tech News article discussed how CIOs can accelerate cloud storage capabilities, despite the constraints and delay that latency has on a WAN network.

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