Our fanatical team is made up of highly qualified technical gurus who love to help. Their mission is to solve your question, query or problem in record-breaking time. We know that people work in different ways, so we have made available to you several options to assist.

Onscreen Help is contextually aware of which GUI page you are currently viewing and will provide you with help relevant to the display. To access the online help, click on the link in the left hand window of the GUI and help will appear for the page that you are on.

User Manuals are provided on the CD that was supplied with your product. Included on the disk is all the information you require for configuring and setting up your Bridgeworks product. We know that disks disappear so you can find the online version with just a click.

If you need further help, then we have a series of How to videos showing you the configuration and set-up for your Bridgeworks product.

Not sure you have the latest software? Then all the software is provided in the download section.

Got a question that you need answering? Our FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) have been evolved over a range of topics that may answer your question.

We don’t just say we want to hear from you, we really do. We have now added a forum to our support capabilities that is regularly viewed by our team of gurus to ensure that you are assisted at all times.

You just want to speak to us? Then please feel free to call us on +44 1590 615 444

Or complete the email support request here.

Not sure of the serial number? This can be found by logging into the GUI of your Bridgeworks product and clicking on the System Information icon. The serial number is in the table at the top of the page.

Can’t find the IP address or hostname of your product? LANScan is our Bridgeworks network-enabled device locator for locating the Bridgeworks product on your network. It is included on the CD you received with the product. For speed you will find it in the download section. Instructions on how to use it are in the manuals also available to download.