Because time matters

Bimodal IT needs an agile infrastructure without the legacy latency. Digital business demands Big Data driven by real-time analytics. Cloud requires uninhibited data flow both to, through and back. IT Business Service Continuity requires speed and high utilization of bandwidth. IoT compounds the issue raising data volumes and lowering transmission speeds. Remove the latency restriction. Allow data to flow freely without impediment. Benefits both hard and soft now materialize.

  • Efficiency

    High Utilization, throughput and performance
    • Enable data to be transported up to 2000% faster
    • Get full performance from the bandwidth you are paying for
    • Improve bandwidth utilization to between 95 and 98% even on a single stream of data
    • Re-evaluate – is that bandwidth upgrade really necessary?
    • Immediate headroom for data growth
    • Create spare capacity for future data expansion
  • Agility

    Redeploy assets & budgets
    • Move local storage (back-up/Archive) off primary site
    • Transfer data securely to a cheaper storage location, releasing primary storage
    • Outsource offsite storage at lower cost
    • Reduce compliance risk with high network performance independent of location
  • Flexibility


    Business assurance
    • Migrate, Replicate, Back-up, Store, Archive and Restore data in less time
    • Security – Move encrypted and compressed data at the same rate as everything else
    • IPSEC can be layered on for additional piece of mind
    • Use faster, location independent data to improve recovery and continuity arrangements
    • Respond more easily to unforecast peaks in demand, unforeseen events and back-up your business more regularly without the constraints
    • Achieve higher compliance confidence and diminished corporate risk
    • Data transport no longer on the management black list
  • Freedom of Choice

    Return on investment

    Save on Capex costs
    • No network infrastructure changes or duplication
    • No capital expenditure on unnecessary new hardware
    • No change to your network
    • Higher return on existing assets
    • Lower total cost of ownership


    Save on Opex costs
    • Optimize tape performance, improving reliability, reducing cartridge failure and cost
    • Stabilize maintenance and service charges, no infrastructure upgrades, higher ROI
    • Raise performance and manage contingency using the extra headroom capacity created
    • Get more for less with a low cost change that gives you the performance you have paid for
    Competitive advantage
    • Shift your enterprise to high performance with a quick implementation (hours not days or weeks)
    • Make your data agile and deliver back value to your business immediately
    • Scale and grow without technology constraints, so the business runs the business
    • Gain the confidence to adapt quickly so the pace of innovation can be increased
    • Take the brakes off business performance so your strategic goals are reached faster
    • Support the business to deliver an instantly better customer experience