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Our goal is simple. To ensure your enterprise achieves liberation of your data from wherever it may be, to wherever it needs to be, when it needs to be there. Put another way, there has been a war raging for a long time. The struggle to move data over distance has long been a battle that has been fought. With the data deluge that is upon us, this war is only set to continue unless the issue is flipped on its head and approached in a radically different manner.

No longer is it acceptable just to keep the lights on.

Bridgeworks is an innovator and leads the Self Configuring Infrastructure Optimized Network (SCION) charge. We have looked at the problem of data movement and come at it from an entirely new perspective. By mastering the rules of data movement over distance, we have now broken them to provide you with the ability to move significant volumes of business critical data in real time removing unacceptable time lags, that risk failure, delay or presents major costs to your business. SCION is the second curve of data acceleration. Taking advantage of larger bandwidth we are able to combine clever virtualization of data streams to fill the physical bandwidth whilst using machine intelligence to ensure smooth, constant and performant data across your Wide Area Network (WAN). With a long history of serving the industry through technical leadership, Bridgeworks is a global provider of connectivity solutions, holding many patents to its name. Over the years they have shipped more than 28,000 solutions around the globe to all industries and include some of the biggest names in the business as OEM partners – Dell, Alcatel Lucent, Quantum, Spectra Logic and IBM. We continue to innovate our Data Center products, bridging your existing storage systems and servers to ensure they are compatible with the latest protocols, whilst enhancing performance with no disruption and quick returns on your investment.

To truly innovate you have to create a culture that allows free thinking.

It is one of the hardest environments to create and maintain. Our whole organization is very, very flat – in fact there are only three levels with the R&D team reporting directly to Executive Management. We keep our engineers very close to you, our customers, this way they see how their solutions are used and what you are looking for in the future so that we continue to lead. Our talented Research & Development teams continue working on innovative ways to solve customer challenges, to apply the company’s patented technologies into adjacent fields of interest. Whether you are looking at moving large amounts of data across the world or bridge systems within your Data Center, we are the guys that can exploit your existing Return of Investment and maximize your Total Cost of Ownership.